How it all started ...

Jesus Children Missions Outreach was founded by Mrs. Rosemary Odigbo in 2001 in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Prior to starting the ministry, Mrs. Odigbo worked as a missionary for about a decade in Kwara State and other parts of Nigeria.

In many rural communities in Nigeria, poverty and less than Ideal socio-economic situations put the lives of many children at risk. Inadequate educational facilities, lack of proper nutrition and medical care centres, in general make many parts of rural Nigeria very high risk places to raise children. In view of this, Jesus Childre Missions' focus is on less privileged children particularly from rural areas. Some of the children from these areas, especially the orphans who are generally socially and econonmically vulnerable, often lack proper care,physical security from abuse and molestation, education, adequate nutrition and proper clothing and medical care among other things. Girls raised in these environments are often forced into early marriages which greatly diminish their potential in life.

It is not uncommon to find children from these environments loitering in economically depressed sections of Nigerian cities and villages. Because of their unique economic challenges, children from these backgrounds are sometimes saddled with adult responsibilities such as providing for their families, being care givers to much younger members of their families and generally doing all they can to survive. Most of the kids in these deplorable economic conditions have lost their parents at an early age to HIV/AIDS or other life threatning diseases. In addition to surviving on their own, these children are often stigmatized or rejected by their communities, thus compunding their already very weak positions in society.

These observations and experiences as a missionary and involvement with Children as well as working with different people groups both in the urban and the rural areas and her commitment to serving God was the main driving force behind the establishment of the Missions Outreach.

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