TenderLift Junior Grade

TenderLift Junior Grade, is the Primary school arm of the Mission Home. We decided to start a school for our children because the increase in school fees at the schools where the children were enrolled became unstainable to the ministry. Also, by starting a school we hoped to reduce the cost of education as well accept children from outside the ministry, thus generating some income for the Home. We began the school in 2008. At first the children were instructed at home by volunteer teachers as we could neither afford to hire full time staff nor rent a whole building for the school. We have since moved the school from the home to an independent location. In addition to our Children, we also have children from other parts of the city attending our school. Because the school is no longer within the premises of the home, we have some logistics challenges getting the children to school. We have children who in Junior and Senior high schools who also need to be transported to their various schools. We have listed a school bus as part of our needs. We hope you'd be touched to reach out to us. We urgently need a school bus among other things.

School Needs

Our current needs for the school are listed below. We ask for your support. You can either buy some of these items and send them to us or make a donation towards meeting some of the needs listed here. As you reach out to us, may the Lord continue to reach out to you and your family in Jesus name
  • Rent and Renovation (N1,500,000 Naira -- about $1000)
  • School shoes of various sizes/sucks(preferably black color).
  • School Bags
  • Uniform/sports wear for the children.
  • Text books/exercise books and stationeries.
  • School Bus
  • Photocopier machine
  • Volunteer teachers
  • Generator
  • School desk/chairs
  • Indoor/Out door games
  • Musical Instruments
  • Computers and Computer Stationeries